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Digital Tachographs and legal obligations

The advent of the Digital Tachograph has radically revolutionized road transport, while ensuring better control and therefore greater safety, it makes the management system of a goods / people transport company more complex.

As is known, the digital tachograph records all data relating to driving, speed and rest in its memory.

According to Regulation (EC) No. 2135/98. (GU n. 86 of 12/04/2006) these data must be “downloaded”, “evaluated” and “archived” for any checks by the competent bodies and kept for at least one year.

The frequency with which to download the data is established by the aforementioned decree as follows:

  • Driver card every 28 days.
  • Every 90 days the mass memory of the tachograph.

Up to now, nothing could be simpler, except that every time the data is downloaded from the tachograph, they must MANDATORY be evaluated by the Owner / Manager of the fleet, who is required to check whether the drivers have committed infringements or not and notify them monthly a letter called “recall”.

Failure to perform these tasks entails onerous penalties and responsibilities for both the person who committed the infringement and the person who did not notify it.

It is also necessary to consider that, in the event of repeated non-compliance, also taking into account their extent and frequency, the company may incur in the suspension of the authorization for a period of from 1 to 3 months even to theLOSS OF HONORABILITY for transport, which be it own / third party or freight / people transport.

The transition to digital (from 1 May 2006 EC regulation 561/2006) took place in a very confusing way and very often it happens to meet badly informed control bodies on legislative matters.

It is therefore little wonder that several fleets have received very heavy undue fines.

The greater the size of the fleet, the greater the possibility of incurring penalties, because the greater the workload for the manager who will have to repeat the operations evaluation, storage and management of data for each of its vehicles and drivers every time data needs to be downloaded.

DMS solutions

To date, there are dozens of solutions that lend themselves to carrying out this long-lasting work, but even the most complete of them always requires the precious time of a fleet manager and / or a person responsible for downloading data.

With the service package called “NO-PROBLEM”, the Owner / Manager of the fleet relieves the burden of downloading, storing and evaluating the data of digital tachographs; DMS carries out this work as an employee in charge, but it does it with a big difference, that is, DMS assumes the civil liability and safeguards the criminal one.

The package called “NO-PROBLEM” includes:

→ The assembly on free loan of a control unit for automatic data download with GPRS system (cellular data); all data are downloaded at pre-established intervals and simultaneously sent to a server.

→ Archiving of data for 12 months as per current legislation, and “Optional” transmission of a copy of them to the fleet.

→ Analysis of downloaded data and constant control of regulatory updates carried out by qualified personnel.

→ Fulfillment of obligations relating to any infringements (transmission of warning letters to be notified to drivers by the company).

→ Training of drivers on driving / rest hours and on the correct use of the analog / digital tachograph (Executive Decree No. 215 of 12/12/2016); information also necessary to reduce the number of infringements committed due to unawareness or legislative ignorance.

→ Technical / legal assistance; a center for assessing the fines received by the fleet was created; qualified personnel will send the company a technical report on the offense, and where possible clear reasons on which to base any appeal.

The first step after signing the DMS contract is the free loan installation of the control unit called TACHOWORLD GPRS (TW GPRS), the only control unit compatible with all models of digital tachographs, even the first versions released in 2006; The assembly can be carried out at an authorized Digital Tachograph center of your choice, by one of our DMS installers scattered throughout the nation, or directly at your office.

DMS (in Italian “Data management solution”) is the most advanced platform for data download and analysis, a truly unique hardware / software combination.

With the subscription of subscriptions modulated according to their needs, the fleet entering the DMS network will finally be able to free itself from the many commitments connected to the digital tachograph.



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Driver training

Among the wide range of services we offer training courses for drivers in compliance with DD N ° 215 of 12/12/2016 and subsequent updates.

Data analysis, evaluation and archiving

Thanks to our platform it will be possible to analyze, evaluate and archive the DDD files of the digital tachograph as governed by EC regulation 561/2006 and subsequent additions, relieving the company of any bureaucratic and administrative procedural burden.

Technical-legal advice

By joining the DMS family, you will be able to take advantage of technical / legal advice in implementing appeals to any sanctions against the company for non-compliance with the EC 561/2006 regulation and the CDS in general.

Remote data download

With our system it will be possible to remotely download data from all driver cards and from all models of digital tachographs in compliance with EC regulation 561/2006.

Dedicated advice and support

With our "NO PROBLEM" service you can take advantage of continuous advice from one of our platform experts for any type of information, or simply to help you plan your travels in the best possible way according to current legislation without committing infringements.

DMS? No problem!

That's not all! We have a world of other services to discover made especially to facilitate your work and make your business safer.

What we offer

Additional services

To complete our package we offer additional services that complete the offer available to customers in order to provide absolute excellence in the sector.

Visualizzazione della posizione dei veicoli su mappa con funzione di zoom

Visualizzazione dell’ultima posizione nota (indirizzo), associata alla data e all’ora della rilevazione

Localizzazione in tempo reale, con lo stato del veicolo (acceso, fermo, in movimento, in manutenzione)

Indicazione sulla velocità e la direzione dello spostamento

Individuazione del mezzo più vicino ad un punto in tempo reale

Messaggistica in tempo reale

Visualizzazione dell’intero percorso: dal punto di partenza al punto di arrivo

Visualizzazione su carta delle soste e fermate dei veicoli con le ripartenze lungo il percorso

Nel trasporto la maggior percentuale dei costi è data dal consumo carburante, solo migliorando lo stile di guida del conducente è possibile limitare le spese.
Con DMS Attraverso una seria di report su consumi ed emissione è possibile:

Analizzare e studiare (in tempo reale) il profilo di guida dell’autista, con parametri standard della rete CAN-FMS veicolo: giri motore, consumo istantaneo, velocità, posizione acceleratore

Trasmettere i dati verso i “server” della flotta o verso l’applicazione web DMS

Elaborare i report, statistiche e studiare nel tempo i profili di guida per autista, veicolo, viaggio…

Diminuire il consumo del carburante

Diminuire i costi di manutenzione del veicolo

Controllare le emissioni inquinanti

Con “Real Time” potrai sapere in tempo reale le ore di guida e di pausa a disposizione del/i tuo/tuoi autista/i.

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DMS offers a package of solutions called “NO-PROBLEM” that allows you to download, archive and evaluate data from digital tachographs and much more.

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